Auditing Maintenance Plans

The IRCC offers to audit the quality of maintenance plans. Professional maintenance plans are using a FMEA or FMECA to describe the failure behaviour of assets, systems or processes. The quality of this FME(C)A is checked by our staff and we will send you a report with remarks, ideas, comments. The overview gives you an idea how to increase the value of your maintenance plans.

  1. Quick Scan (1 day)
    1. One day consultancy including the Quick Scan and the (full) report. Source information must be sent by email.
  2. Full scan 
    1. The full scan is done during an On Site project. In the Full Scan we will analyse in detail all steps from the beginning to the final maintenance program in the CMMS. The deliverable is a detailed report how to upgrade the quality of your maintenance plan in order to optimise C.A.R.E. ( = Cost – Availability – Reliability – Effectiveness).  The price depends on the project description.
  3. Methodology scan
    1. During the Methodology Scan, your approach to developing maintenance plans is analysed. The report describes which steps are done correctly and which need attention.

Please contact our examiners for more details.