IRCC Code of Conduct

International RCM Certification Committee Members’ Code of Conduct

Public Interest

The principal and overriding responsibility of members is to public health, safety, the environment, and society’s wellbeing.


Members shall always act with professional honesty and integrity.

Members shall accept responsibility for their own work and for the work of those working under their supervision.

Members shall only offer to do work which is within their professional competence.

Members shall have knowledge and understanding of legislation, regulations and standards that apply to their fields of work and must ensure that they comply with them.

A member may seek the support of the IRCC if he or she becomes aware of a situation which might be beyond the member’s competence.

Clients and Employers

Members shall carry out their professional work with proper regard for standards of service and customer care expected of them.

Members shall respect any confidentiality agreements they have entered into. Members shall not disclose Clients’ or Employers’ information, use it for personal gain or to benefit a third party unless required to do so by law or with the permission of their Client or Employer.

Intellectual Property

Members shall respect the rights of Intellectual Property owners, including those of fellow members and the IRCC.

Conflicts of Interest

Members should at all times act with integrity and avoid conflicts of interest. Where a conflict of interest is inevitable, it should be declared clearly and honestly.


Members accept that it is their duty to uphold the reputation of the IRCC and will not take any action which could bring it into disrepute.

Members shall act with integrity, honesty and respect in their relationships with other Members of the IRCC.

Members shall encourage and support the professional development of fellow members.

Professional Development

Members shall comply with IRCC’s requirements in respect of continuing professional development.

Officially signed by the IRCC examiners.

  • Chris James
  • Rik Plattel
  • Graham Steven
  • Mark Horton
  • Nancy Regan
  • Jesus Sifonte